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The Power of Design

November 5th, 2019

I have long been a fan of Eileen Fisher's simple, elegant clothing brand. EF is a certified B Corporation, leading change and addressing sustainability in the fashion world. Eileen began her career as an interior designer, transitioning into fashion design because she was too shy and uncomfortable to interact with clients. Her line is designed to help women feel comfortable and confident - a career decision to help Eileen feel more comfortable.

As a child, I discovered a hardcover book on a side table in the living room, filled with tasteful images of residential interiors. While I was naturally drawn to colour, texture and pattern, what I truly craved was the beautiful order represented in the book. There it was, the power of design to positively influence how we feel. I wanted to be a part of that world - the design seed was planted.

I was recently asked by my friend Amanda (Miss Panda), what makes for an ideal learning environment. She is a gifted teacher who makes learning Chinese a fun adventure for children. Drawing upon my experience with kids on the autism spectrum, I shared that thoughtfully planned space can have a powerful impact on one's learning.  

Being mindful of visual distraction, acoustics and room temperature, we optimize learning by offering break spaces for physical activity, access to natural light, and a positive and encouraging attitude. It struck me how similar these elements are to an ideal workplace. 

Sometimes, companies are keen to incorporate the latest workplace trends into their new build. At Kirsh Design, we see great value in taking a deep dive first. We begin by spending time observing daily activities, interactions and people's experiences.

We conduct group workshops to gain a deeper understanding of culture, priorities and any limitations. There is tremendous benefit from inclusive dialogue, to learn first hand from those working and using the space to share what they need for success. Armed with a deeper understanding, we now have a roadmap for innovative, tailor-made design. If time permits, we pilot new ideas, so people can offer feedback for fine-tuning. The front end work is essential to building a roadmap for great space.

When design is purposeful, intent upon elevating the human spirit, we positively impact people and the ripple effect is immeasurable. At Kirsh Design, people are a priority - How can we help you make a difference in your workplace?