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Nature and Nurture

February 5th, 2020

Reflecting on the last few years, I can't decide which experience I loved more, an afternoon in the Henry Cowell Forest or a winter day in the Rockies.

Those who know me would never describe me as outdoorsy, yet it's the experiences in mother nature that leave an indelible mark upon me.

In the Redwood Forest, we walked upon paths of dried bronze leaves, the air filled with an earthy and delicate perfume. These magnificent ancient trees are a sight to behold, I could have stayed all day marvelling at their sheer stature. I learned that Redwoods are naturally fire-resistant, with only their exterior layer subject to charring - genuinely mind-boggling.

Henry Cowell Forest, California

In Whistler, the expansive panorama of the snow-covered mountains takes my breath away. Sunny skies, crisp cold air, a blue and green lake below, I am literally and figuratively on top of the world. An experience to soothe the soul.

Recharging in nature restores us and reminds us of what is essential to our well-being. Like a re-set button, mother nature nurtures, helping us to re-balance. Her power encourages me to make a difference.

Whistler, BC

As a mom to a son with autism, I am keenly aware of the environmental effects on the sensory system. Like canaries in the coal mine, many individuals with autism struggle with environmental overload caused by lighting, acoustics, and densely occupied spaces. These factors impact us all.

In our world of design, each client has their own mandate and range of requirements. However, the importance of connecting people with natural elements is universally beneficial.

Together with our clients, stakeholders and colleagues, we co-create spaces that positively influence and support the well-being of its occupants. We aim first and foremost to create holistic spaces where people can thrive.

Do you dream of a workplace you love to come to? Then partner with us. Feel free to spread the word : )