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A Culture of Community

June 18th, 2019

We are all members of a community in one way or another.  We play on sports teams or cheer them on,  join clubs and organizations, attend concerts and support our favourite causes. Community is what draws us together for a common purpose. 

The World Health Organization recently listed burnout as an official diagnosis.   Demands in the workplace are commonplace. Stress affects everyone. How can we alter and influence the impact of stress?

Humans have an innate desire to connect and to have purpose.  By embracing a culture that enables a spirit of innovation, offers safety, belonging and purpose, we build a healthy Community.  A healthy Community offers support, connection, knowledge and inspiration.

How does the built environment support Community? At Kirsh Design, we align most strongly with companies who prioritize the well-being and happiness of their people.  On each project, we start by creating our Community.   It includes the clients, stakeholders and our own team of talent. Our collective then co-creates the spaces to uphold their culture.

When design is purposeful, intent upon elevating the human spirit, we positively impact people and the ripple effect is immeasurable.